April 17, 2024


Samsung Odyssey G7 C32G75TQ monitor – Specs, Pros / Cons: The BIGGEST Accuracy Improvement We’ve Seen (5.5X)

The Samsung Odyssey G7 C32G75TQ might be the ultimate monitor for Gamers and Creators. It’s got modern features, including a 31.5-inch VA panel with a QLED…

April 16, 2024


LG-UltraGear-27GN60R-B monitor – Specs, Pros / Cons: 4.5X Accuracy Increase. Buy It Right Now

It surely doesn’t get better than the LG-UltraGear-27GN60R-B. It’s a rather affordable monitor, but brings so many great features to the table…

April 15, 2024


LG 32GN650-B monitor – Specs, Pros / Cons: How Does It Get So Accurate?

LG has been present in every branch of the tech industry, bringing innovation to pretty much everything they do. LG’s smartphones were…

April 13, 2024


ASUS TUF Gaming VG27VH1B monitor – Specs, Pros / Cons: Purely For Gaming

The ASUS TUF Gaming VG27VH1B covers a decent chunk of colors, which is great for gaming. After all, while you need your games to…

April 11, 2024


HP M27 Webcam Monitor – Specs, Pros / Cons: More Than An Office Monitor

Do we really need another camera in our home or at the office? HP thinks we do, as we’re introduced to…

April 09, 2024


Acer KA222Qbi monitor – Specs, Pros / Cons: FreeSync and Good Color Coverage For This Price? Where Can I Buy It?

What type of monitor can you get for the lowest possible price? And more importantly, how good will it be? Today,…

April 08, 2024


Alienware AW2723DF monitor – Specs, Pros / Cons: Can Handle Anything

A mix between crazy speed and high pixel count, the Alienware AW2723DF offers a very fast display, albeit not the fastest that we’ve seen while offering…

April 05, 2024


Samsung S25BG400EU monitor – Specs, Pros / Cons: Wide Color Coverage Is Just The Start!

Can another company seriously compete with Samsung, which has spanned its technology in many fields? Today we’ve got another one…

April 04, 2024


Philips 273V7QDAB monitor – Specs, Pros / Cons: We Have A Budget Banger!

Philips, the last member of the European technological ‘Old Guard’, has always delivered reliable products. Even at the office, we’ve got a 19-inch Phillips…

March 31, 2024


Acer CBA242YAbmirx monitor – Specs, Pros / Cons: Value Champion

The Acer CBA242YAbmirx is a monitor for the masses, that manages to string along some pretty appealing features. It’s got a 24-inch diagonal, a Full HD…

March 26, 2024


LG-35WN75CP-B monitor – Specs, Pros / Cons: One Monitor To Rule Them All

The LG-35WN75CP-B represents a very competitive package. Not only do you get a curved Ultra-wide monitor, but it’s also got some productivity…

March 24, 2024


LG 27UP85NP monitor – Specs, Pros / Cons: Here’s How We Unlocked Its Pro Potential for Exceptional Image Quality

LG did it again. Their 27UP85NP monitor doesn’t have any fancy name or branding, however, it brings all the features that…

March 22, 2024


AOC C27G3U/BK monitor – Specs, Pros / Cons: Really Impressive Color Coverage

The AOC C27G3U BK might have a doozy of a name, however the monitor is really good, both for gaming and content…

March 20, 2024


Samsung Odyssey G3 LS27AG300 monitor – Specs, Pros / Cons: Bringing Out The Creator Inside of The Gamer

The Samsung Odyssey G3 LS27AG300 is another one of their Gaming monitors, which easily can become a fantastic Creator machine. The G3…

March 16, 2024


LG 34WP65C-B monitor – Specs, Pros / Cons: We Made It 2X More Accurate, Great for Designers and Video Editors

This might be the best monitor for the Venn diagram that represents gamers and content creators. The LG 34WP65C-B monitor brings…

March 15, 2024


Acer Nitro VG273bii monitor – Specs, Pros / Cons: The New Nitro is Thinner. But is It Better?

Right from the start, we’ll tell you that we’re super impressed by the slim construction of the Acer Nitro VG273. It…

March 14, 2024


HP X27c monitor – Specs, Pros / Cons: Why Isn’t This an OMEN?

Why doesn’t HP offer all of its gaming monitors under the Omen brand? Stemming from the fact that they don’t, we…

March 13, 2024


Dell SE3223Q Monitor – Specs, Pros / Cons: Big Screen with Tons of Detail, and Super Accurate Colors with Our Display Profiles

The Dell SE3223Q presents just how many pixels you can get for a decent price. It’s a great monitor for an…

March 10, 2024


Dell P2722H monitor – Specs, Pros / Cons: Tons Of Value For The Price

A classic office monitor, the Dell P2722H brings the features, functionality, and all the ports you need even to be more…

March 07, 2024


Dell S2421HS monitor – Specs, Pros / Cons: Insane Value For Money – It Can Game AND Create!

What monitor exactly can you get for $160 bucks? One option is the Dell S2421HS and today we’ll see what exactly…