[Specs and Info] Dell is strengthening its AMD lineup with the Vostro 14 5415 and the Vostro 15 5515

Dell has been going strong, with updates not only to its Intel-based devices, most of which have already received Tiger Lake hardware at this point but also to its AMD laptops, which increase their market share ever so slightly. It is important to have competition, which leads to innovation and constant improvement.

Here are the Dell Vostro 14 5415 and Vostro 15 5515. On the outside, they look really similar to the Vostro 14 5410 and Vostro 15 5510, which we covered HERE. The only difference between them is that the 5415 and 5515 run the Zen 2-based Ryzen 5000 U-series chips, which are powerful and potent.

Today we are taking a quick look at the Dell Vostro 14 5415 and Vostro 15 5515.

Full Specs: Dell Vostro 14 5415 / Vostro 15 5515

Dell Vostro 14 5415 configurations:

Dell Vostro 14 5515 configurations:


The build quality differs between the two devices, with the Vostro 15 getting a fully plastic body, while the Vostro 14 gets an aluminum lid. This shows, at least subconsciously, that Dell is positioning the Vostro 14 as the more premium device in the lineup. Otherwise, the laptops look quite identical, with sharp edges and rounded corners. The Vostro 15 gets a full-sized keyboard, while the Vostro 14 omits the NumPad, for larger keycaps and a more compact design.

Both laptops have a special lid and hinge mechanism, which lifts up the rear end of the devices, giving the fans below more room to breathe. Weight and height-wise, the Vostro 14 is the lighter laptop, weighing 1.44 kg, 330 kg less than the Vostro 17, which sits at 1.77 kg. Both laptops are 17.99 mm tall at their thickest point.


The laptops, on paper, seem to use the same panel, with the obvious size difference. The display has a size of either 14 or 15.6 inches, comes in a Full HD resolution, and uses an IPS panel. It also has anti-glare technology and thin bezels. IPS panels are great for general use, having a wide viewing angle and adequate color reproduction.

Dell Vostro 14 5415

Dell Vostro 15 5515

Specifications and features

Specs-wise, both Vostro units offer identical hardware, with a total of three Ryzen 5000 U-series CPUs to choose from. You can pick from between the Ryzen 3 5300U, Ryzen 5 5500U, and the Ryzen 7 5700U. The weird thing about these processors is that they still use the Zen 2 architecture, offering only a slight clock speed increase from the older 4000 U-series chips. Still, even the 4000 U-series offered plenty of power, being able to go even or even beat even the new Tiger Lake U-series from Intel.

[Comparisons]: Core i7-11370H vs Ryzen 7 4800U / Core i3-1115G4 vs Ryzen 3 4300U / Core i5-1135G7 vs Ryzen 3 4300U

The graphics are a bit of a letdown, as we are greeted by the RX Vega 6 and RX Vega 7, which have a measly TDP of 15W, and are lacking behind the Iris Xe Graphics. Most of the features here are optional such as the fingerprint reader and the backlit keyboard. At least you get stereo speakers, a microphone, and a webcam as standard. Dell also gives you upgradeability options, with two RAM and M.2 slots.

All Dell Vostro 14 5415 configurations:

All Dell Vostro 14 5515 configurations:

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