[Specs, Info, and Prices] Dell brings Tiger Lake H to its Vostro lineup: Vostro 13 5310, Vostro 14 5410, and Vostro 15 5510

Dell has so many lineups that it’s getting a bit confusing for us. The final nail in the coffin was with Intel’s new Tiger Lake H-series, which Dell decided to upgrade its laptops with all at once.

Now we have the new Vostro devices, which also got the Tiger Lake upgrade, all three of them. Vostro laptops are recommended for businesses and offer a special discount for business owners, which is in the realm of 30%+, making these devices an even better deal.

Today we are giving you a quick overview of the new Vostro laptop from Dell.

The Vostro 13 5310, Vostro 14 5410, and Vostro 15 5510 are available with a starting price of $1,284.28, $1,327.14, and $1,212.86, respectively.

Full Specs: Vostro 13 5310 / Vostro 14 5410 / Vostro 15 5510

Vostro 13 5310 configurations:

Vostro 14 5410 configurations:

Vostro 15 5510 configurations:


The laptops use a similar design, which changes a little bit from notebook to notebook to accommodate for the bigger form factor. There are also changes in the build materials as the according to Dell, the Vostro 13 and 15 use plastic for the whole body, while the Vostro 14 has an aluminum lid, giving it a more premium feel. On the other hand, the Vostro 13 is the lightest of the bunch, weighing 1.25 kg, and has an edge-to-edge keyboard, becoming even more portable.

The Vostro 14 and 15 have what is called an island keyboard, where there is an edge from where the keyboard is and the rest of the base. The Vostro 13 and 14 lack a Numpad, while the Vostro 15 gets one. All notebooks have a lid, which props up the base when opening the device, thus allowing for more air to enter the system from the bottom, as well as give you a more comfortable typing position.

Vostro 13 5310

Vostro 14 5410

Vostro 15 5510


The Vostro 13 offers two 13.3-inch IPS displays with a 16:10 aspect ratio, which is becoming more and more popular in business and productivity devices, where more display space is key. The first panel has a Full HD+ resolution, while the second one has a QHD+ resolution. The Vostro 14 and 15 use an identical panel, with the only difference being the screen size, as the Vostro 14 gets a 14-inch panel, while the Vostro 15 ups the size to 15.6 inches. The displays have a Full HD resolution but lack the 16:10 aspect ratio.

Vostro 13 5310

Vostro 14 5410

Vostro 15 5510

Specifications and features

All notebooks have identical specs, so regardless of what screen size you choose, you’ll have to pick between the Core i5-11300H and the Core i7-11370H, which both offer decent performance, while preserving the battery as best as they can. For the graphics, you get a total of three GPUs: two iGPUs and one discrete GPU. The two iGPUs are two variants of the Iris Xe Graphics G7, with either 80 or 96 Execution Units. The discrete GPU is the MX450, which undoubtedly has more performance than its iGPU counterparts.

Since these notebooks are a mix of business and productivity, they offer spill-resistant keyboards with a backlight, a fingerprint reader, and stereo speakers.

All Vostro 13 5310 configurations:

All Vostro 14 5410 configurations:

All Vostro 15 5510 configurations:

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