The ASUSPRO B9440’s battery life makes it worthy to call itself a strictly business daily driver

Yes, sure, the ASUS ASUSPRO B9440 may not be the best business solution out there and it might have its quirks but it does deliver excellent battery endurance, which is one of the deciding factors when looking into this segment.

You can find the available configurations here:

Sporting a 14-inch Full HD IPS panel and a Core i7-7500U CPU, the laptop’s 48Wh battery will keep the lights on for most of the workday on a single charge with ease. Our web browsing test ended up with 657 minutes (10 hours and 57 minutes) and scored 460 minutes (7 hours and 40 minutes) on our video playback test. These scores put the notebook in the 11th place in our battery ranking.

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