The new Intel Core i7-8550U is twice as fast as the Core i7-7500U!

We’ve shared some news about the Intel Core i7-8550U before and even at that time, we were really happy with the results. It seemed that the new Kaby Lake Refresh Core i7 ULV chip will be about 50% faster than its direct predecessor the Core i7-7500U and that it will compete with the Core i5-7300HQ.

However, these early tests that we conducted used a preproduction unit of the Core i7-8550U. Now, it’s known that the lower tier Core i5-8250U can compete head to head with the Core i5-7300HQ. And we finally got a hold off a final unit of the Core i7-8550U today and we didn’t wait a moment to start running our usual tests. What we found out was that it is, in fact, way more powerful than we previously assumed.

As the title says, the new Core i7-8550U is actually twice as fast as its predecessor the Core i7-7500U. Benchmark results are from about 80% to around 110% better than what we have accomplished with the Core i7-7500U. The quad-core/eight-thread design and 4.0GHz maximum boost frequency really seem to matter.

Stay tuned as we will release a couple of interesting detailed comparisons including the new Core i7-8550U in the next few days.

Intel’s new 8th generation is shaping up as an interesting milestone and we haven’t really heard of the Coffee Lake chips yet. You can check all currently available Intel products over here:

Check out all notebooks with the new Core i7-8550U in our Laptops Specs system:

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