Genesis ASTAT 700 G2 review – meant for long gaming sessions

When people are buying a new PC or laptop, they often ignore the importance of the chair they are going to use (perhaps for a long time). In reality, the quality of your gaming chair is even more important than the power and looks of your gaming device because it affects your health in the long run. A non-optimal sitting position can lead to spinal and neck pain, and it’s just the beginning if you don’t fix the way you’re sitting in front of your PC.

The Genesis ASTAT 700 G2 is a gaming chair designed to be as comfortable and adjustable as possible. This product offers a stealth design, sturdy construction, and breathable material for the seat and backrest. This is important, especially for use during summer or if you live in a country with a warm climate. This Genesis “creation” is suitable for larger individuals as well (not for giants though), it can handle individuals weighing up to 120 kg, and the maximum recommended height range is 160 – 195 cm. This makes the chair almost universal, and on top of that, the assembly process is super easy, but we’ll talk about that in a minute.

You can check the current price of the Genesis ASTAT 700 G2 here: Buy from (#CommissionsEarned)


Specs Sheet

Genesis ASTAT 700 G2
Backrest upholstery material
Mesh PureFlow Plus
Seat upholstery material
Mesh PureFlow Plus
Base material Aluminum
Castors material
Nylon with CareGlide coating
Castors size
60 mm
Recommended height
160 – 195 cm
Acceptable weight
120 kg
Headrest adjustment
Tilt angle, Up and down
Armrest adjustment
Height of armrests
27.5 – 34.5 cm
Seat depth adjustment
‎50 – 52 cm
Seat height adjustment
44.5 – 51.5 cm
Lumbar adjustment
Lumbar pillow
Backrest tilt angle 135 °
Rocking function
Chair mechanism
Multiblock with seat adjustment (front-back)
Class 4
Seat depth
50 – 52 cm
Seat width
50 cm
Backrest width
47.5 cm
Backrest height 58 cm
Chair height
114 – 128 cm
18 kg
Included Accessories
Set of assembly elements

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